Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can with Gift Card Inside

Turning a pull top can into a unique and fun gift card container is easier than you think. By using a smooth edge can opener, such as those sold by Pampered Chef, you can open the can from the bottom and leave the pull top unopened. Decorate and fill with goodies. Glue the bottom back on and there you have it, you've got a work of art. OK, maybe not a work of art, but a really cool gift card container. And best of all, watching the confusion on the face of the recipient really makes it worth the effort. Be prepared to explain how you got the goodies inside. Hopefully, the recipient will as appreciate your creativity and the gift card.
All products are from A Muse | Studio and can be purchased directly through me or from my A Muse Studio website. The sentiment and can of hairspray rubber stamps are from the Glamour Girl set (SISP009). The heart cutout was created using the Trio of Hearts die (TAD0015).  I used Cherry (PAPS204), cherry gingham (PAGH204) cardstock and cherry satin ribbon ((RASA204). And of course the labels are nesties Labels 4 also available from A Muse | Studio (TNS4190). Here is a high level overview of the steps involved. If you have questions about specific steps, I would love to hear from you. Please email me. 
  1. Find a soup or vegetable can with a pull top lid. Rounded bottom cans will not work.
  2. Using a smooth edge can opener, open the can from the bottom and pour out the contents. Wash can and remove label.

3. Measure and cut paper. Adhere paper to the can.


4. Cut a short piece of ribbon and slide through the pull tab. Double the ribbon and tie the middle with a piece of twine. (This makes it easier for the recipient to pull and open the can.) To add a little extra can coverage, I altered a circle and slid it under the tab and added hearts.

5. I stamped the can of hairspray on white card stock, colored with copics and trimmed before adhering to the bottom of the can. The sentiment is also from the Glamour Girl stamp set.

If you  would like to actual step-by-step instructions, I'm willing to create them, just post a comment saying so or email me. I keep thinking I'd like to make a video, but I have a somewhat nasal voice along with a country accent. I can speak without the accent, but the nasal thing is a bigger obstacle. Yes, I laugh at myself, but I can't stand to hear my voice. Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog. Comments are welcome.



  1. I don't like my voice either! I sound too much like one of my sisters! LOL I think the can idea is awsome! I could make it to give to a secret admirer, if I had one! LOL
    It would be fun to give to teachers or work associates or friends..
    Looking good Judy!

  2. Love your tutorial and project. How do you glue the end after putting in the goodies? Thanks,Tracy


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